Donnie Munford

Donnie Munford President

I am a Senior Physics and Mathematics student, graduating in Spring of 2018. I work with Dr. Bellweid doing Relativistic Heavy Ion Collision research. I plan on attending graduate school to do research in the fields of ion collision and/or anti-matter. I like to unwind from the stress of school with light workouts as well as gaming and streaming with friends.


Savannah Turet

Savannah Turet Vice President

I am a Junior Physics student in the Honors College. I aspire to attend graduate school, but until then I plan to do research similar to my previous research experiences. I worked with Dr. Freundlich on solar cell efficiency and with Drs. Hamilton, Frankino, and Hanke in San Cristobal, Galapagos on wildlife conservation. The branch of physics that interests me the most is astrophysics. I like to unwind with dodgeball twice a week and Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Death by Black Hole.


Sarah Basyouni

Sarah Basyouni Historian

I transferred from San Jacinto Community College 3 years ago and now am a senior physics student at the University of Houston. I have been attending SPS events for the last 2 years where I got to know many of my peers. I hope to become medical dosimetrist through a program at MD Anderson and possibly continue in the future to becoming a medical physicist. Outside of the semester I like to travel and learn new skills!


Jimish Patel

Jimish Patel Webmaster

Currently into my Sophomore year here at University of Houston as a Physics major. I plan on attaining a Masters in Space Architecture from University of Houston. One of my favorite things to do is foster student achievement through working with others. When I’m not managing code, I like to unwind with a good dose of nature followed by an unreasonable amount of time tinkering with computers.


Galen Lytle

Galen Lytle Treasurer

Currently a sophomore undergraduate, pursuing a B.S. in Physics. Galen also works with Dr. Mini Das on multi-modal imaging in her Imaging Physics laboratory. He is eager to be the Society of Physics Students’s Treasurer and hopes that he can aid in welcoming and introducing new members to SPS. If you have any questions about SPS, physics, academics, career advancement, or the University of Houston in general, feel free to ask him!


Jacob Rose

Jacob Rose Secretary

I am a senior physics major currently doing research for Dr. Claudia Ratti concerning the properties of strongly interacting matter such as the Quark-Gluon Plasma, and for Dr. Andrew Renshaw simulating detector designs for the HUNTER Sterile Neutrino Search experiment. I enjoy doing my research as well as playing drums, which I play for fun but also in a band and playing computer games. Come to our meetings and say hello!


Dr. Stokes

Dr. Stokes Faculty Advisor

Dr. Donna Stokes is an Associate Professor and Undergraduate Academic Advisor in the Department of Physics at the University of Houston. She is currently a Fellow of the Physics Teacher Education Coalition. She is involved in educational research on preparation of science and math teachers for secondary education and on physics education research for improving student success in physics courses. She is also involved in scientific research on the structural and optical properties of semiconductor materials for detectors and lasers applications.